Custom Business Apparel

It can be so overwhelming when you take the plunge into the entrepreneur world.
Finding the right business name, logo, slogan, social media, website; the list goes on and on….

Did you know that having Small Business Branding Apparel is equally important? It is your marketing tool, the product that makes your business look professional, the walking billboard customers want to see.

Especially when you hire employees, branding apparel is a must.
Not only does it create more confidence in your employees that they actually belong to a business team.
Studies have proven that employees actually become more professional in their work performance.

So, what are you waiting for?

Our Latest Fundraiser

Hello all! I wanted to share with you our latest fundraising event with LFC Dog Guides. Supporting this organization is very dear to my heart, and also support local spca’s. I jumped at this opportunity to support a local family helping raise money to the LFC Dog Guides.

By a simple design and some love and support we were able to raise almost $200 to put back into LFC Dog Guides of Ontario. That is 40% of our profits going back to a wonderful cause!!
The support has been so amazing that this local family is now holding another event in June – Yoga and Puppies. We at DnJ Creations, are supporting this local event by designing a yoga/puppy related t-shirt coming soon!

DnJ’s is all about giving back. We love being able to support local communities everywhere. So if you, or someone you know is holding a fundraiser/charity cause event we would be happy to help you out with our custom apparel.