Welcome to Pawsitive Pets Inc.

Pawsitive Pets Inc. was created because we love our dog apparel line so much, we felt it needed its own brand name.  Still created by DnJ Creations, but has its own identity.
We are pawsitive that you will love our line of shirts, hoodies, baseball hats and toques. Not only do they look good, but the feel good too. All from Canada because that’s how we roll.

Choose from the embroidered look, screen print, or vinyl heat.

Our apparel line is great for casual wear, pet fundraisers, or as gifts because we require no minimum order!  We accept bulk orders too.

Below are some sample designs of our creations.

Flexfit Baseball Hats
Unisex T-shirt Styles
Racerback Tanks
Resue T-Shirts
Love Paw
Knit Toques Embroidered

All our work is custom, so we welcome your designs and happy to give you a quote!

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